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21-12-06 happy december! now that the winter is finally kicking in we thought it was time for a christmas song. it's called december radio and it's about snow and stuff. we even have a real video for it! (thanx to aaike). we've made some handmade numbered christmas cd-cards. if you want to receive one please send us your address (first ten senders will get one). please pray for the spam-monster to go away and tell us what you think!
03-10-06 the three shows we did this weekend were great: thanx for showing up! we hope you're able to play the 7" and like the shows until next month; in the meantime we will be working on new stuff. you can also expect a new video soon. happy fall everybody!
04-09-06 hello friends. we finished a brand new recording! we are very satisfied about the result. soon you will be able to listen to it at the singlesclub. we hope you'll like it too! we added some pictures and promise you to update that section of this site moreoften. we hope to see you this month in berlin, utrecht or groningen!
26-07-06 i'm back from honeymoon! both spain and portugal were fantastic, i've written twelve songs while i was away; hopefully we'll record some of them soon. after this break there are a lot of things coming up: next week we'll record a song for the singlesclub 7" and there are plans for a sweden tour and a show in berlin. In november there wil be a little dutch tour together with this skinny genius thats very dear to us called musika77.
10-05-06 by the way: our friends, great lake swimmers, will play in tiny irish pub 'o cealleigh's in groningen on monday 15th of may. don't miss this!
05-05-06 while bart travels trough europe with his brand new wife, writing songs about happiness, we are busy with new material as well. at the end of the summer audiotransparent will be back on the road: keep an eye on the giglist! enjoy the sun.
23-03-06 nevland is on sale right now at They send records worldwide so if you
14-03-06 aanstaande donderdag is audiotransparent in db's (utrecht) te zien en te horen bij club 3voor12/utrecht met the fire harvest en the gasoline brothers. de toegang is gratis!! reserveren is wel aan te raden via een mailtje aan, vermeld dan met hoeveel je komt.
12-03-06 the volkoren festival in zwolle was great! thanx so much for coming and listening. it was a nice surprise for bart to to sing the spinvis parts of 'hellend vlak' with at the close of everyday. release news: a new song of ours named 'under water' will appear on the new pet series #5: the rabbit.
10-03-06 we're back from canada and we had a great time. thanx so much to tony, trinh, erik, phil, ryan, mary-ellen and all the bands we played with for making this tour such a great experience. we hope we'll be back soon! coming saturday we'll play in zwolle with our volkoren friends; please step by.
25-02-06 a very warm welcome to all of our visitors. if you don know us, read about us here, and listen to us here, and tell us what you think of it!

tomorrow we leave for our first real tour abroad. we'll be playing some gigs in canada and hopefully enjoy this beautiful country. if you canadians are reading this: don't hesitate to ask questions about where and when we play, you can send us an email or leave a message at the guestbook. we'll keep a diary of our adventures at vpro's 3voor12, it will be written in dutch, but illustrated with some hilarious pictures, so please, do take a look! to all of our friends and family: we'll be back
06-12-05 one: tonight was the release of the video 'fire engine red'. it contains previously unreleased footage of firefighters in groningen in the 1940 the song will be on our forthcoming single for 'the friday of our lives'.

two: you will have to stay up late on the coming sunday; at 00:00 audiotransparent gets attention on vpro's nachtpodium on Nederland 3. this unfortunately will be the last nachtpodium and we're honoured we're in it.

three: machinefabriek has made a remix of our song 'draw yourself a tree': that what I call a nice sound.

four: we were featured in a documentary about erik nevland on norwegian television. welcome norwegians! we are looking for ways to come to your beautiful country
24-10-05 hi there! our release party was great! vera was packed, we rocked and the crowd cheered. to all who showed up: thanks! we have big plans: a tour in canada!! were invited to the canadian music week and we do some nice shows with volkoren bands, more on that soon. on the 18th of december a movie made by gava will be ornamented musically with some live music by us in cinema images. furthermore we are, again, invited by club3voor12 to play live on national radio. all quiet on the review front? of course not! oor and kindamuzik wrote very nice things about nevland. were happy! how 'bout you?
27-09-05 we've entered the moordlijst on #16!
24-09-05 welcome to the audiotransparent website! if you are new here; thank you for stepping by. we handed nevland a copy of nevland and the reviews are coming in, and there's a new story in the log. we'd like to hear what you think of the record so please leave a note in the guestbook. hope to see you all at the releaseparty in vera! you can listen to our record in the luisterpaal.
27-08-05 we're done! finally we finished the new record. official date of birth: 12-09-2005. we baptized it: nevland. to take a look at our baby, carress it and listen to a live-perfomance by our baby's five fathers, please come to vera (groningen) at the 29th of september. it
11-07-05 the job is done! the songs are now recorded and mixed. we like it and hope you'll like it too. the formanova festival was great: friends, sun, good music, the beach, nice people and ökologisk beer made it a weekend to remember. local television joined us and will show some footage on oog tv next friday. pictures will be online soon.
19-05-05 the three shows with vladimir and the great lake swimmers were great; please check out their records and their shows. on the 4th of june we'll be playing downstage at vera with music77; its gonna be great so please drop by and bring your friends. recording news: we'll record one song in the church of beerta.
29-04-05 the tivoli show went well, doing 'live in your livingroom' was real fun and we're looking forward to the shows w/ vladimir and the great lake swimmers. the studiodays are booked for june and juli so it looks like we're gonna make the september deadline. AND because its's been about a year since we played in our hometown. we'll do one show in groningen before the summer. more info on that soon! Check out for some great health care products.
16-03-05 some happy news this time: nobody left the band in the last two months!!! on top of that we're very proud to announce some international adventures. the danish festival forma nova asked us to come and play in juli and we were asked to contribute a song to a shoegaze compilation released by the london club ac30. for this we are working on the song 'frozen' by curve. there are quite a few shows before summer and after those we'll finish the record which will probably hit the streets in september: we cant wait!
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